Year 2004:

  • Swiss donors purchase a two storied house for REACH. This house is to develop a Competence Center for adults, named Anandaneer by mothers.

Year 2005:

  • Anandaneer is inaugurated by Marie Laur Mitcheli in January. Another milestone is complete. Mothers’ Association takes charge of Anandaneer – An Abode of Joy and Happiness.

Anandaneer is for challenged men and women between 18 to 50 years. The spacious environment offers holistic care and is a respite center. The program has carefully developed activities, encouraging independent living and vocational training. A dedicated, professional staff is in charge of an age appropriate curriculum.

The Mothers’ Association provides input to the management and activities of the Center. Cooking classes and ‘thonga (paper packets) making’ programs are conducted as also spice making projects. Annual Sports, other cultural events and picnics are regularly organized.

Anandaneer- Our Competence Centre, a home away from home, for challenged men and women, between 18 to 50 years

Engaging Students- carefully developed activities that encourage them in skill training and independent living