Awareness Campaign


The Public Awareness Campaign was conceptualized in 1987 by a group of parents & professionals at REACH to generate awareness on disability.


To create a positive climate of opinion in our society towards people with disabilities, to enable them achieve their full potential and become participating, contributing members of the society.

LINTAS, a premier advertising agency, planned the campaign strategy with

  • Extensive use of multimedia. 4 press ads, 3 ad films and posters.
  • Intensive direct contact programs.
  • Simultaneously, small groups of teachers, students, professionals, prospective employers, policy makers who interacted with the REACH team in workshops, talk shows and audiovisual shows.
  • A host of integrated leisure activities, planned and organized for young children.

Support at all times:

Funded by FUB, BFA, and Sweden. NORAD, Norway, Corporate India, Govt. offices, Service organizations and Individuals from all walks of life.

Unique feature:

Launched in Kolkata in 1988 and moved in phases to other big cities of India including Jamshedpur, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Trichur, Kerala and Surat, Gujarat.