Mothers’ Association


The Mothers’ Association is critical to our approach. The goal is to empower mothers to become valuable parents working with REACH professionals. We appreciate the Association functioning as a powerful voluntary support structure.

The Association came into being in 1998. Through participation in Parent Education Program and the Dutch MARTE MEO Program, mothers evolved from ‘learners’ to ‘teachers’.

Mothers’ Association enables a myriad of activities. Its primary objectives are:

  • Advocacy and awareness
  • Employment and skill training
  • Lobby for improved transportation
  • Issuance of Disability Cards for all eligible children
  • Dissemination of information regarding legislations for the disabled
  • Interactive workshops, seminars and exhibitions
  • Support to low income families and other aids

Contact Us:

Anubha Basu

[ Chairperson ]
M: +91 9830777340

Debjani Sengupta

[ Vice Chairperson ]
M: +91 9831153895